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I have known Megan for what feels like a lifetime (in a good way!) and she is just simply a beautiful human being in every possible way.  Megan has this inner drive for self development and is incredibly open minded to learning and growing.

Megan knows how to influence and work with others in a way that not many could pull off.  She is the English Rose who loves her family, cares for those around her, deploys kindness and empathy, all whilst enjoying classic TV series like The Great British Bake Off.




Megan has been promoted to Customer Love Manager, leading a team of 9 people.  Megan project manages various company initiatives and has a focus on the people and talent within the team. A huge asset to the company with more to come.


Megan has come such a long way since starting out her coaching with Lauren at LDV. Previously, Megan has felt like her voice didn’t carry the weight she wanted it to, and confidence was always something that was a focus point for her. Through Lauren’s guidance, Megan was able to tactically change her thinking and behaviours when faced with challenging projects and using that as a platform to elevate her voice.

With training on working with personality traits that oppose Megan’s, it has helped extensively not only for Megan’s personal development but with our entire leadership team as Megan is able to be a better manager leading from the front. The bandwidth that Megan can take on now, including her incredible aptitude for project management, has seen her career go from strength to strength in just one year thanks to the individual work she has done with LDV.



Feb 2020 is when we officially started working together on Megan's personal development.  We did this through regular 1:1's and continue to meet every month, where we explore and increase Megan's self awareness, how this impacts work and ways to build on it.

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